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Presenting MAXQDA Transcription Integration

The MAXQDA Update 24.2 introduces a groundbreaking workflow that allows
MAXQDA Users to seamlessly import and AI-powered transcribe media files within the
MAXQDA Software.
MAXQDA Transcription overview

• Effortless transcription: Import media files and choose between manual or AI powered transcription.
• Expanded language support: MAXQDA supports 45 transcription languages,
ensuring accurate transcriptions.
• Custom glossaries: Customize glossaries to capture the right terminology and
• Speaker differentiation: MAXQDA Transcription labels speakers separately,
making it easier to analyze opinions and voices.
• Timestamp integration: Text segments are seamlessly linked to audio with
timestamps, making analysis easier.
• GDPR compliance: Be assured that MAXQDA Transcription is fully GDPR compliant, with secure storage of speech recognition files.

Get a sneak peek at the MAXQDA Transcription enhancements in action in this short
video or learn more about further improvements in our blogpost.

This enhancement is only available through the AI Assist add-on.
Since the release of MAXQDA 24, AI Assist has been seamlessly integrated into the
MAXQDA Software. You can now choose between the free and the premium version.
You will get 60 minutes of free transcription time to start. Additional hourly
packages can be added conveniently and affordably (starting at $8 per hour)
through the MAXQDA Online Shop.

At VERBI, we take the security and privacy of your sensitive research data very seriously. That’s why we require users to actively sign up for this AI add-on and confirm their agreement with our privacy policy before using it. This ensures that only authorized individuals who understand the potential risks and benefits associated with using artificial intelligence are granted access to this tool.

Users with personal licenses can sign up for the beta program themselves. Users who are using a license through their organization have to wait until their organization signs up and distributs an organizational access code to their end-users.

How do I sign up for the Beta Program?

  • Request a personal/organizational beta access code on this webpage:
  • Create a free MAXQDA account and activate the beta in their account settings.
  • Log into your user account within MAXQDA to enable the AI add-on.
  • Enjoy the beta! 🙂

Beta Limitations

While using AI Assist (beta) you will receives a number of free AI credits each day. Once you have used up all your credits, MAXQDA will inform you how long they have to wait until new credits are available. During the beta phase, the maximum text length for the text that can be summarized is 60,000 characters.

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